IPM Scope and Sequence: Kindergarten & Grade 1 Curriculum
Kindergarten & Grade 1 Curriculum Outline
Unit 1: Introduction        
Lesson 1: What is IPM? SCI, LA Core 30min MAX Supplement: Insecta Inspecta World: Praying Mantis IPM Song, Izzy Puppet
Lesson 2: Maples, Mosquitoes, and Me! SCI, LA   20min AVG Picture Cards: Living and Non-Living Things
Lesson 3: Leaves, Legs, or Neither SCI, LA, Math   30min MAX Picture Cards: Plants and Animals
Unit 2: Protecting the Planet        
Lesson 1: Sharing the Planet SCI Core 30min AVG "It's Mine," Handout 1: Cooperative Puzzles, Izzy Puppet
Lesson 2: Beauty Has Its Price SCI Core 30min MIN Izzy Puppet
Lesson 3: CAUTION: Chemicals SCI Core 2x 20min MAX Izzy Puppet
Unit 3: Know Your Neighbors        
Lesson 1: Six and Three Are Right For Me SCI Core 30min AVG "I Wonder What it's Like to be a Grasshopper: A Life Science Wonder Book," Antennae Headband Direction Sheet, Handout 1: Name the Insects, Handout 2: Missing Pieces, Overhead 1: Amazing Feats
Lesson 2: Living Like an Insect SCI, LA, PHYS ED   30min AVG "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," Handout 1: Butterfly Life Cycle, Izzy Puppet
Lesson 3: Scamper, Skitter, and Crawl SCI, LA, Art Core 30min AVG Picture Cards: Animals
Lesson 4: Staying Alive SCI   30min MAX Animals in Hiding," Picture Cards: Animals
Lesson 5: People Need Plants SCI   30min AVG Picture Cards: Plant Parts, Handout 1: Which Part, Overhead 1: Which Part?, Izzy Puppet
Lesson 6: Some Seeds Grow Weeds SCI Core 30min MIN "The Tiny Seed," Handout 1: How Does a Seed Grow?, Picture Cards: Weeds
Lesson 7: Merrily We Move Along (How Seeds Travel) SCI   30min AVG Handout 1: Flying Seed Propeller, Izzy Puppet
Unit 4: Pest or Pal        
Lesson 1: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly SCI   30min AVG Pest or Guest Bingo Board Set, Picture Cards: Pest or Guest, Izzy Puppet
Lesson 2: What's Bugging You? SCI Core 30min MAX Izzy Puppet
Unit 5: IPM Methods        
Lesson 1: Ladybugs to the Rescue SCI, Math Core 30min MAX "The Very Grouchy Ladybug," Ladybug Poster, Overhead 1: Aphid Counting Poem
Lesson 2: Itsy Bitsy Spider SCI, LA   2x 30min MIN Overhead 1: Ant & Spider
Lesson 3: To Catch a Leprechaun SCI, LA   2x 30min AVG "Tim O'Toole & the Wee Folk", Izzy Puppet
Lesson 4: Easy as Pie SCI, LA Core 30min MAX "Muncha, Muncha, Muncha," IPM Song, Izzy Puppet
Lesson 5: Mouse Mess SCI, LA   30min MIN "Mouse Mess," picture: Havahart Trap
Lesson 6: U R LUNCH! SCI, LA Core 30min MIN Handout 1: Protect Yourself, Overhead 1: Which Child is Dressd for Safe Outdoor Play?,IPM Song, picture: Poison Ivy, Izzy Puppet
Lesson 7: Wrap Up and Review SCI, SS, LA Core 30min AVG IPM Song, Picture: Havahart Trap, Izzy Puppet
Supplemental Materials