IPM Scope and Sequence: Grades 7 & 8 Curriculum
Grades 7 & 8 Curriculum Outline
Unit 1: Pest Identification - What is a Pest?        
Background: Understanding the Organism        
Lesson 1: More Than Just Dust Bunnies SCI Core 45min MAX  
Lesson 2: A Weed By Any Other Name SCI, SS Core 2x 45min AVG Golden Guide for Weeds
Lesson 3: Dormant Demons SCI, Math   2x 15min AVG  
Lesson 4: Johnny Appleseed Would Be Proud SCI, LA, Computer SCI Core 2x 45min AVG  
Unit 2: Pest Control Methods        
Section 1: Biological / Natural Control        
Background: Biological Pest Control        
Lesson 1: Ant Antics SCI      
Lesson 2: There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch SCI   45min AVG Game Mat, Game Pieces
Lesson 3: Friend or Foe? SCI, LA Core 1hr MIN  
Section 2: Chemical Control        
Background: Chemical Pest Control        
Lesson 4: Weather vs. Whether SCI, Math   3x 45min MAX  
Lesson 5: Pesticide Wise SCI, LA Core 1hr AVG Pesticide Labels
Lesson 6: Time Trials SCI, Math Core 2x 45min AVG  
Lesson 7: Fact or Fiction LA   1hr MIN Silent Spring Book
Section 3: Cultural, Mechanical, Regulatory Control        
Lesson 8: "GM"...It's Not Just a Car Anymore! LA, SCI, Computer Tech Core 3x 45min AVG Harvest of Fear Video
Lesson 9: Hopper Hunt SCI, Math, Economics Core 45min MAX  
Lesson 10: Design a Landscape SCI, Math, Graphic Design   3x 45min MAX Connecticut Native Plant Publications (3), Pennsylvania Native Plant Brochure
Lesson 11: Environmental Entrepreneurs SCI, LA, Economics   45min MIN  
Lesson 12: Who's Minding the Store? SS, LA   2x 45min AVG  
Lesson 13: Hygiene for Horror SCI, SS, LA   2x 45min AVG  
Unit 3: Biodiversity        
Background: Introduction to Biodiversity        
Lesson 1: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words SCI, LA, Art   1hr AVG Exploring the Web of Life Video
Lesson 2: More Than the Spice of Life SCI, LA   45min AVG Exploring the Web of Life Video, Windows on the Wild Primer
Lesson 3: E3 - Earth's Endangered Ecosystems SCI, LA, SS, Graphic Arts   2x 45min MIN National Geographic Ecosystem Map
Lesson 4: Alien Invaders SCI, LA, SS Core 45min AVG Zebra Mussels and Purple Loosestrife Poster, USDA Alien Invaders Poster & Flash Cards, National Geographic Map
Lesson 5: Acid Rain Ruin SCI   3-5x 5-10min AVG  
Lesson 6: Biosphere - Building a Balanced World SCI   45min MAX  
Lesson 7: Building Your Own Biosphere SCI   14x 5-10min AVG Bottle Biology Book
Lesson 8: Exploding Populations SCI, SS, Math   2x 45min MIN  
Lesson 9: Consuming Passions SCI, LA   3x 45min MAX WWF The Biodiversity Debate Guide
Lesson 10: Biodiversity in Your Own Backyard SCI, Math Core 2x 1hr MAX Golden Guide for Insects, Golden Guide for Weeds, Bug Viewers
Biodiversity Enrichment Activities        
Enrichment Activity 1: Worldwide Advertising Campaign        
Enrichment Activity 2: Town Meeting        
Enrichment Activity 3: Conduct a BioBlitz        
Enrichment Activity 4: How Green is Your Classroom?        
Enrichment Activity 5: Service Learning Project Ideas